Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media presents a fantastic opportunity to reach people on a deeply personal level. Platforms like Facebook capture peoples likes and actions and then allow us to advertise to them based on these preferences.

The advent of Social Media created an entirely new way for us, as businesses, to reach potential customers.

In the world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter people reveal a different side to themselves. Whereas Google is very much about intent (“I want something now, so I will search for that exact thing”), these websites give you glimpse into what really makes people tick.

Think of it like this. If you were a Golf supply company and were launching a new range of Tiger Woods themed accessories, it’s very unlikely that people are going to be out there actively searching for “Tiger Woods themed accessories”. So how do you reach your potential buyers?

Using Facebook, we could create an advert and then show it to people who

a) Like Golf (7 million as of today) and /or
b) Like Tiger Woods (870,000)

This means we can instantly get our product in front of people who are highly likely to interested in buying.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The clever (or slightly scary!) people at Facebook have loads of stuff going on in the background. When you start to get people taking action (so buying, enquiring, calling, etc) it tracks them and then looks for people who are similar in their overall behaviour patterns and most likely to also take that desired action…

Very Big Brother…

But fantastic for us as business owners trying to grow our customer base.

The key with Social Media Marketing (and all marketing, in fact) is optimisation and best practice to make sure you get the maximum possible return on your investment. Facebook make it very easy to create adverts, but also very easy to lose money if you aren’t 100% clear on what you are doing (for example when we first start a campaign we simultaneously launch 64 different advert variants and then very quickly optimise these into high performers before repeating the process and scaling).

And this is where we can help!

With over 10 years experience helping our clients achieve over £33.68 million in additional revenue we know exactly what it takes to create a winning campaign for your business. We’d love to have a chat about how Social Media Marketing could help your business grow (and by chat we don’t mean sales pitch!).

Ultimately there is no point us working together unless we can truly help you grow, and you think we’re the right people to help you do it.

So we like to have an informal strategy meeting (either over the phone, online or in person) where we talk through your business growth goals. At the end of our chat you’ll have a roadmap you can follow to take things to the next level and you can choose to either have us help you do it, or not!

If you’d like to find out a bit more please either give us a call on 0800 193 7757 or fill out the form below.

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Rob is an innovative and creative master of “new model” internet marketing and development, always ones step ahead of the curve. He has been instrumental in building our brand on a global stage and I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending his unique services !

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