Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is one of the fastest ways to see an immediate increase in targeted traffic to your business.

So what exactly is PPC?

It is an advertising marketplace where you say how much you are willing to spend every time someone clicks on your advert (so paying per click).

The largest of these if Google, and they offer a variety of options from their Search Network though to shopping and partner websites.

Let’s have a quick look at how it works on the Search Network.

If someone opens up Google on their PC, Tablet or phone and performs a search, Google returns them a series of relevant results. For example if you were looking for a Chiropractor in London, you might type in “Chiropractor London” and see something like this:

At the top of the results page (so the first results you see) are adverts from Chiropractors who want your business. If you were to click on one of these 2 things happen…

First – you’ll be taken to the Chiropractor’s website

Second – the Chiropractor will be charged for that click on their advert

If you want to get your business in front of people who are actively searching for your product or service this is by far the most efficient, cost effective and quick way you can do it.

“So how much does it cost me when someone clicks on my advert?” I hear you ask…

Well there are many different factors involved in this. Google has an “algorithm” which runs against all the adverts that our currently in circulation, and this determines how much you pay. The better (and more optimised) your advert and website are, then the less you will pay.

Think of it like this. Google makes most of its money from people choosing to use it as their search engine of choice. Key to this is making sure that when someone performs a search they get the most relevant results back.

If you put an advert for “Chiropractor London”, and the page someone visited when they clicked on you advert offered a holiday to Tanzania, that would not be relevant (and could damage Google’s reputation for providing high quality search results). So in this scenario you would pay more than someone with a relevant page (in fact they would ban your advert, but the extreme example hopefully proves the point!)

When you set up your adverts you tell Google how much you are willing to pay for your advert. In the image above there are 3 adverts shown at the top of the page, and all things being equal the persons bidding the most will appear in position 1, with the next highest bid in position 2.


A properly optimised advertising campaign means you can appear in position 1 and pay LESS for each click than the person in position 2!

The key here is to have it properly optimised, though. And this is where we can help!

With over 10 years experience and managing over £5 million in ad spend across multiple business we know exactly what it takes to create a winning campaign for your business. We’d love to have a chat about how PPC could help your business grow (and by chat we don’t mean sales pitch!).

Ultimately there is no point us working together unless we can truly help you grow, and you think we’re the right people to help you do it.

So we like to have an informal strategy meeting (either over the phone, online or in person) where we talk through your business growth goals. At the end of our chat you’ll have a roadmap you can follow to take things to the next level and you can choose to either have us help you do it, or not!

If you’d like to find out a bit more please either give us a call on 0800 193 7757 or fill out the form below.

Here a few other facts about PPC to leave you with…

  • 52% of People Who Click on an Advert Will Call You if a number is available
  • 200% is the Average Return on Investment for Paid Advertising
  • Google Drives 95% if Ad Clicks on Mobile
  • 5% of Customers Click On Ads When Purchasing
  • PPC Ads Can Boost Brand Awareness 80%
  • The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on page

We look forward to speaking soon.

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